Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baby Mama and Wedding Video

Today, Shayna, Aunt Danielle and I had a mini girls day out and saw the movie Baby Mama. It was hilarious! I would recomend for everyone to see it. There is like two swear words in the entire movie the rest is laughs and maybe a happy tear or two.

In other news, I finally got to see some footage of my wedding day. The person's camera who was supposed to be shooting ran out of batteries so I cried thinking of those memories not being captured. Luckily, Shayna's friend recorded most of it on his cell phone, so today we finally put it on DVD. Watching it made me think how it was one of the happiest days of my life! I picked the best bridal party (well the girls lol I didn't have much say-so for the guys) I could. Each one was hand picked for their uniqueness and special impact on my life. Shayna because she is my sister and my best friend, Meaghan because she was my very first friend at college and she always had my back, Erica because her heart is as pure as gold and Janna because I was blessed enough to live with her and duh....she was my twin lol. When your wedding day flies by so fast it is hard to relive the day. I remember barely getting to talk with people who traveled so far to see us and dancing like their was no tomorrow!!! Watching the video just confirmed that Noah and I were so loved to have all those people witness our marriage in the church. If I could do the whole day again, I would in a heart beat!!!

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sharonie said...

so glad you were able to go out and enjoy for sure deserve time to yourself too!