Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just Breath

Wyatt is such a challenge some days. There are times where he pushes me to my limit and right when I think he couldn't get any worse... he does!!! Those are the times I tell myself "just breath". I have taken care of other people's kids for the majority of my working life and for some strange reason I thought that I would have a perfect obedient child because I would discipline him the "right" way. Well now I understand that some kids just aren't as easy to handle, no matter what sort of discipline they receive. I spank, give him time-outs and yet no more than a minute goes by and he is back doing the same thing that got him in trouble before. Being consistent is the hardest part of being a parent. If I give Wyatt one inch, he will take a mile. What is so perplexing is when Wyatt is making me laugh and just being my precious little boy, I forget how bad he was earlier. I soak in the good times and thank God for the crazy son he has given us.