Monday, September 29, 2008

One Week and One Day

Today I had the sad task of putting some of old Wyatt's clothes and toys in storage. In exactly one week and one day my little boy wont be so little anymore. We put his bouncy and swing away as well as all of his 0-6 month clothes. How six months passed by already I am not really sure. It was like one day I was pregnant and the next day my son is turning 7 months old! I heard a lot of older people say "they grow up so fast" or "enjoy them now" and I never really knew what they meant until now. If six months could fly by so could 18 years! As much as I want Wyatt to crawl, talk and walk, I also want to wrap him in a blanket and hold him. "Let them be little, because they are only that way for awhile"

Friday, September 26, 2008

Warning: touchy subject, if you are offended easily do not read on!

In light of all the presidential debates and the entire election for that matter, I have to wonder if most Christians are Republicans. Most of the Christians I know happen to be Republican. At first I wanted to remain a Republican because my parents were, then I learned a lot about what each party stands for and I continued to stay with my party. Not that Christians can't be Democrats but I just don't see how agreeing with some of their platforms is "Christian". Things like gay marriage and abortion should be a no-brainer as to which stance is a Christian one. I just happened to noticed what type of people are liberal/democrats compared to republicans. The difference between the two groups are completely obvious which leads me back to are most Christians Republican? Can you be part of one side even if you don't agree with some of their beliefs?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

R & R

My mini vaca to the Dells was too perfect and went by too fast. The water park was a blast and Wyatt couldn't be happier splashing around in the water and watching the kids get dumped with water. Noah and I went go-karting and then on a lost canyon tour, which we were seated on separately grrr, and then out to a really nice dinner. It is pretty sad that I missed Wyatt the entire time. He is my life and while I want time alone with Noah I can't help but wonder how Wyatt is doing and if he is behaving. I think by next year I will be ready to leave Wyatt overnight with some one, until then Noah and I will just have date nights. It isn't that I don't trust the people watching him, but i know he needs to stick to a schedule and when he doesn't he turns into mommy's little monster.

Our first year of marriage was remarkably full and entirely blessed. There were times when we had to completely rely on the Lord to supply for our family and again and again He pulled through. It is our strength in the Lord that keeps us going. I am beyond thankful to have the spiritual leader in Noah that I prayed for. We learned a lot with in this past year and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life learning and growing old with my hunk of a husband!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'd rather eat cardboard!

So I have given whole wheat foods a chance and I am still sticking to my guns when I say, "I'd rather eat cardboard". There is something about the grains that I don't like! However, I do like the whole wheat pop tarts and the rotini pasta isn't that bad either. I am trying to do the healthy thing but why do all the good foods have to taste so bad? I want to put the cookbook deceptively delicious on my Christmas list so I can trick myself into eating better. I swear my appetite is like a toddler's. I put the blame on my parents, they never made me eat new foods or foods they didn't like. I have promised myself to do better with my kids because believe it or not, I hate being a finicky eater. So far Wyatt likes all the baby food he has tried, lets hope he stays that way!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My glass is half full...or is it half empty?

Half full: Wyatt weighs 18 1/2 lbs and is 28 inches long
Half empty: He now weighs more than my friend's one year old daughter

Half full: Wyatt got his 6 month shots to keep him safe and healthy
Half empty: He cried so much I don't want to make him do it ever again!

Half full: We finally got the referral for Wyatt to see a Urologist
Half empty: Eventually he will have to go in for surgery

Whether my glass is half empty or half full, my cup always runneth over.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

21?!?... Already?

How is my little sister 21 already? Where was I went time decided to rob me of my sanity? I know I sound crazy because we are only 2 years apart but Shayna will always be my little girl. As much as she is my friend, I feel like her mom! Listening to her talk I have to keep telling myself, "answer like a good friend and not her mother". She acts like such a grown up it scares me. She is a manager, just moved out of the house and finally 21 years old. I am so proud of what she has become and most of all I am glad she learned from all of her siblings' mistakes and didn't let history repeat itself. At the end of the day I know I don't have to worry about Shayna. She is independent, strong and isn't afraid to stick up for what is right. She is my polar opposite, my sister and my best friend.