Sunday, December 28, 2008

Psychology 101

I am going to let you in on a secret of mine. Since I used to be one of these people I can totally speak from experience. Being a pushover, doormat or any other word to describe a person who lets people walk all over them, is one of the many hurdles I had to overcome in my life. In turn when I see others, people I love, who are knowingly being used and abused I have the urge to empower them and teach them what I have learned. Here are a few definitions:
Doormat: a person easily mistreated, imposed on, exploited, etc.
Pushover: a person, group, etc. easily persuaded, defeated, etc.
Sucker: a person easily cheated or taken in; duped
Victim: a person who suffers some loss, esp. by being swindled
Not many people would associate a "victim" with a "pushover" but clearly the proof is in the pudding or definition in this case. There is nothing more irritating in life than seeing a person being mistreated and all you can do is stand back and watch. Sure you tried talking sense into them, and they can change, but in a way they don't want to. This is something we call "learned helplessness" Have you ever met a person who says they are sick and tired of getting abused and yet they return to their abuser? That is what I am talking about, to better help you understand here is the clinical definition. Learned helplessness is a psychological condition in which a human being or an animal has learned to act or behave helpless in a particular situation, even when it has the power to change its unpleasant or even harmful circumstances. As of now I am dealing with a person like this, I want nothing more than to shake her up and want her to change. But change must be wanted and then sought out. Until then, I pray.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Favorite Things...

I was staring at my Christmas tree today and I was thinking of how pretty the lights were. I eventually slipped into a gaze and the lights turned into little glowing blurs. Just looking at our tree puts a smile on my face. Over the past few years I have started a collection of ornaments. Well, it's more like people bought them for me. Out of my collection I have one favorite. It was a gift from my mother-in-law. She took into consideration that I like "bling" and bought me this beautiful star ornament laced with rhinestones and has a crystal dangling down from the top. What are some of your favorite ornaments and why?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ten Percent

There is a little something that every church preaches on right before they go into a sermon. This little thing is too often neglected and not taken as seriously as it should be. When Noah and I began dating, he invited me to church and I always saw him writing out his weekly tithe check and that is when I knew I should be giving a portion of my earnings back to God. After all everything I have is on account of him so the least I can do it give him
10%. Recently Noah and I have had some money struggles. My loans just kicked in and we were in need of some divine intervention. We had been consistent with prayer and tithe and were counting on the Lord to see us through our hard times. Sure enough, he did! Just when you think the impossible isn't possible, God sends blessings your way. I want to write a book called "If you are consistent, God is also". Yes, Tithe and prayer really do work!! God will always have your back and we are living, breathing proof of His great works.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Oh my word, the bigger Wyatt gets the smaller my house seems to be. Now that he is crawling all over, he barely has enough room to turn around with out bumping his head into the furniture. I have taken the coffee table out of my living room, hoping to give him some more room. Now I have a coffee table in my bedroom that I bump my shins into on a daily basis. If you can't sense my frustration by now let me go on. Every closet in my house is stacked to the ceiling with stuff and when I want to get one thing out everything topples on me! We had to put the computer in my bedroom to make room for the Christmas tree, as you can see our room is like a mini-self storage unit. Needless to say I find my blood boiling just looking around and my small place. I need a house, not just any house either. I have narrowed down a few "must haves". 3+ bedrooms, 2+ baths, a garage and a basement. I know we are a young couple to actually own a house and we are about a year away from buying one,but seriously I can't take this anymore!

Friday, December 5, 2008

If I could be married as long as my grandparents I would be one happy woman. Ever since I can remember I loved watching elderly couples hold hands or just sit together on a park bench. There is something about it that makes me warm and fuzzy inside. Never once did I think that spending my life with one man would be boring. In fact I can't wait to grow old with my husband. I am sure we both will shrink in height and walk slowly hand in hand through the grocery store. I will push the cart and he will place the items in it for me. This picture was taken on my grandparent's anniversary, (pre-hospital) I made them kiss for the camera even though I snapped it a bit too soon lol. It has been the wallpaper on my cell phone ever since. These two would go to the ends of the earth to help anyone out and that is what I admire the most. In light of my grandpa's condition, he still manages to ask how I am doing as if he weren't laying in a bed with cancer. This holiday season we have a lot going on but it just reminds me of how precious life is and how thankful I am to have such wonderful people, like my grandparents, in my life. So whenever you are tempted to get out of the Christmas spirit, stop to smell the roses, or poinsettias in this case.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time Marches On

Wyatt will never cease to amaze with me with all the things he can do now. I went into his room this morning to find him sitting up in his crib. My face lit up in excitement because with every new milestone he meets I am reassured that he is a healthy child. Even though I try not to pay attention or compare him to other children, I can't help but wonder when he will crawl, walk and talk! He can pick up Cheerios and feed them to himself, he knows how to reach out his arms when he wants to be picked up and is now almost too big for his walker. He scares me because he will drop a toy on the ground and lean over the walker tray to see it, when he does this it looks like he is going to just tip the whole thing over! On Sunday Wyatt saw snow for the first time. We were at my in-law's house and looking out the window it was like a blizzard. Huge, puffy snowflakes whirled around and Wyatt was lol'ing at them. When it was time to leave he was trying to grab the snowflakes but didn't have any luck do to his hands being confined by his mittens.

In other news I thought I would start early with Christmas cards this year, ok the truth is I am like a kid and just can't wait! So be looking in your mailbox for a card from the MORGAN'S.