Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seizure Update

I had my Dr. appointment today with the neurologist. It is state law that I can't drive for 6 months after having a seizure :( The good news is all my tests came back normal which decreases my chances of having another seizure. My Dr. suggested that I stay on medicine for at least 2 years but it is my choice. I am thinking that in order to cover all my bases, I will stay on the meds. After all I am home all day with the kids and I need to know we are all safe! The Dr. is going to put me medicine with less harsh side effects in 6 weeks. I believe my issue was a result of my epidural/blood patch, which the Dr. says is totally possible. Another suggestion was that I could be some one who was already prone to having seizures and being so worn down that day mixed with the blood patch could have done me in. Either way I am blessed to be alive and ready to put all this behind me and start enjoying my life! It stinks not having all the answers, but this is good enough for me! Thanks for all your prayers :)