Wednesday, April 16, 2008

there's a place for us...

Noah and I finally signed the lease to our new apartment yesterday. It is in Marengo IL (only 20 min NW of Elgin). It was totally God that we even found this place. Tuesday afternoon we decided to take a look at a house for rent, we drove all they way out there only to find out that house was taken. So, we sulkily drove to the gas station for a potty break, when Noah came back out to the car he was holding a newspaper and suggested that we call a few more places in Marengo since we were already out there. We called on a two bedroom one bath that was a block away from that gas station. Sure enough a guy name Mike answered the phone and said he could meet us there in 15 minutes. We were so excited but didn't want to get our hopes up. The apartment was small and cute, very modest, but we knew that for our budget we would have to settle for a less glamorous place. The rooms were a nice size and the master opened up to the quaint yard. The kitchen even had a separate eating area as well as a pantry! Those seemed like luxuries after living in our 200 sq ft college apartment. Mike asked if we wanted to fill out an application and we jumped on the opportunity. After we were done filling it out, Mike looked it over, asked Noah a few questions about his character and then said "I will rent it to you guys right now if you want". Well, our jaws dropped to the floor in astonishment! We were worried that our credit wouldn't be good enough to get a place and this guy didn't even want to check it. He trusted us enough to know we were good people. So yesterday we drove there again, looked the place over one more time and signed the lease. When Mike handed over the keys I felt like such a grown up. We were finally going to be out on our own and away from school. Another praise God moment, was that Mike gave us have the place for two weeks with out charging us for it so we could being slowly moving our stuff in until even before our lease technically starts. We knew there was the perfect place for us out there, all we had to do was trust that the Lord knew just which place would work the best!

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