Monday, April 7, 2008

Trust the Lord Your God With Your Heart, Soul and Mind

Our apartment search is coming to a stressful end. I graduate in just a few weeks now and apartment searching has not been fun. In fact I never want to do it again. There are so many things to consider, the commute time, the location, the safeness of the neighborhood etc... I just wanted to find a place so bad that I forgot the most important thing, to ask for God's insight as to where he wants us to be. When Noah and I prayed about it night after night, I got a really good feeling about one apartment in Algonquin. The location is great, not too far from Noah's work and I felt safe there. Trusting in God for things like how to pay the bills and where to live is really hard for me but time after time God shows his constistency and I am learning to trust in him for anything with all of me. My heart might believe it but often times my realistic mind doesn't.


Bethany Patrice said...

How soon after you graduate do you have to find a place? I remember when Erik and I went apartment hunting after we got married, and Grandma's advice was "look at the cars in the parking lot. You can tell what kind of people live there."
It actually turned out to be a piece of good advice. :)

Cara said...

wow that is really good advice! I graduate the third and we want to be out by the 4th because they are letting us pay for each individual day we stay there instead of paying the whole month's rent. So the sooner we are out the better!!!