Friday, April 11, 2008

God Help Me!!!

I am in need of some prayer...last night was pretty rough with Wyatt. He was up screaming in pain trying to make a BM. There is nothing worse than looking at your screaming child and not knowing what will take the pain away. I was almost in tears for a couple of reasons; I didn't want to see Wyatt in any more pain and I was beyond tired I could barely keep my head up. So getting up for my 8am class was horrible. I stared off into space listening to my professors voice trail off. I am hoping to catch a few naps while Wyatt does now that my classes are done for the day. I know this is all part of motherhood but I never said it was going to be easy.


Bethany Patrice said...

I forget, are you nursing? If so, Kent had some of the same difficulties when I was nursing him...I laid off of any dairy and things seemed to get a little better. Then, when I moved to formula with him, he had the same issue with going #2. It hurt so much to see my little boy in pain. I'd lay him on his back, push his knees into his chest, and massge his little belly. Then, I gave him a small amount of warm apple juice and it helped looses stuff up so he could go.

Cara said...

We have tried everything! Laxitives, supositories (sp?) even prune juice and his BMs are still so hard :( I am nursing and he is getting soy formula because I couldn't pump that much for the time I would be in class. I think he has colic.

sharonie said...

Is he lactoce in tolerant? Gosh, being a mom is hard isn't it. If I knew what Blake wanted, I would so give it to him...if he could only speak! me anytime to vent...I use Bethany all the time to vent to. Your not alone in your frustrations.