Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Started with out me

School has officially started up at Judson and for some odd reason my heart feels like I should be there. For years it was the same old thing, fall comes, I meet up with roommates and we decorate our dorm room. Classes start the next day and homework piles up from that point on. Closing that chapter in my life leaves me with a gap that now has been filled with full time motherhood and housewife duties. A sick part of me misses my "old" life with school and friends and then the sane part of me remembers what it felt like pulling an all-nighter to turn in an essay due at 8am. Now there are new stresses in my life that don't really have certain "due dates" but they are just was important.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Gossip Girl

Gossip is something a lot of people, including Christians, struggle with. Whether we are listening or participating, I would think all of it is wrong. I just wish I knew when talking about some one turns into gossip and when that turns into a sin. Either way being more aware of what I say or listen to wouldn't be a bad thing. What about magazines or keeping up with the lastest on Britney or Angelina? All of this made me wonder why we care anyway. I guess it may be human nature, curiosity or sheer boredom but I have made a choice to monitor my "gossip" habits just to cover all my bases.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our New Little Addition...

Noah and I are officially parents to a little kitten name Phoenix. We picked him up last night from my sister-in-laws house. Shayna has Phoenix's brother, she named him Nyo. We thought he was a girl until we took a closer look to find out that he was indeed a he. She didn't care but now at least our kittens can see each other once in awhile. Wyatt couldn't be happier that we have a pet. He pats the kitten's head and tugs on his ears. This morning Phoenix was playing with Wyatt's toes, he was laughing so hard because I am sure it tickled. Phoenix is not the only one who likes feet. Wyatt has managed to pull his chubby feet to his mouth and bite on his toes. He also is miserable from his teeth trying to come in. As much as I just want his teeth to break through, I can't help but think he is growing up too fast!! I have a feeling the process only gets faster the older I get.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to life, back to reality

Now that I relaxed for a whole week it is now time to reload and get back into the swing of life here back in the sticks. Noah goes back to work on Monday and I start babysitting again as well. Vacation was great, we went to Cedar Point, swam and stayed up late laughing like the good ol' days. Visiting them in Ohio was just another reminder of how much I really did miss them. I wish so badly the Mangialardi siblings could reunite forever, but that just isn't how things worked out. Caprice is getting so big and talks like a little grown up and of course everything was "shay-shay this and shay-shay that". I also liked watching my two nieces battle it out for every toy they wanted. I just can't wait until Wyatt is thrown into that chaos! Wyatt was also dedicated by Adrian's grandpa the day we arrived, it is a load off my chest that I will have the support of my family in helping raise my child in the Lord. Well, I have a whole night of unpacking, however, there will be pictures to come!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Immunization Craze

While talking to "Jane" (not going to mention a name) today we got on the topic of immunization and where schools should have to draw the line. I believe in getting them because I would rather be safe than sorry. While "Jane" on the other hand has researched them and found they may cause Autism. I am not sure if that has been proven a fact but she is certain that they will have some effect on her kid. She is entering him into a public school which requires immunization or a note stating your reasons otherwise. I tried telling her that the schools are simply trying to protect themselves and the students attending the school. She replied "Well then my kid can't go to the school because we don't believe in that?". If I were the school, I would say no! There is no telling where the child has been or what he/she has been in contact with. This whole church vs. state stuff is all very touchy. Just like standing for the Pledge of Allegiance even though it says "one nation under GOD". You can't make anyone do it, but there are some things that I believe are more necessary for the good of the whole not just a part of it.