Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cara "Mangialardi" Morgan

I had some extra time this morning so I thought that I would google my name. It turns out that there are hundreds of "Cara Morgans", one is a family doctor and another is all the way in Ireland! I remember conducting the same search back when I was a Mangialardi, I didn't get as many hits. Shedding my old last name has its ups and downs. I almost miss people knowing that I was Italian just by my last name. I don't miss people struggling to pronounce it, that is what my first name is for! Being proud to be Italian was ingrained with in us ever since we could eat our first helping of Grandma Bea's pasta and although I would never keep my last name, in respect to my husband, I really do miss my eleven-lettered, long-winded, proud-to-be-Italian-last name.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yesterday Noah and faced the cold hard truth about our future. We met with a financial advisor from Washington Mutual and we discussed many things that couples normally put off talking about. Luke asked us what would like our lives to look like if one of us didn't come home one day. Life insurance is insanely important and starting in January Noah and I have decided to start putting money away for life insurance, Wyatt's college fund and just a emergency back up fund. All the talk of "what ifs" really put things into perspective for my new family. There are so many things that we have planned for the next three years and I like being assured that they will happen regardless of what happens to Noah or I.
PS I would recommend this guy to anyone so if you or anyone else you know could benefit from Luke, please let me know! It is a great way to spend an hour learning about how to protect your future!!! The first time you meet he just talks to you and asks about your future plans. There was no pressure to do anything but listen!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wedding Fever

I think people are prewired to get emotional at weddings. After all we are human and God made us in His image. He has immense emotion and care for us, so we rightfully feel the same for others. While watching Janna and JP exchange their wedding vows I held Noah's hand so tightly as I tried not to cry. Seeing another couple agree to commit their lives to one another makes me so thankful that God made a helper for Adam. Noah is not only my husband and best friend, but we are life long companions. In other words we are in this for the long haul. I loved what Eric said about loving each other despite our imperfections. There are so many things that Noah does that gets on my very last nerve, but I wouldn't trade him in for all the riches this world has to offer. After the ceremony was over all I wanted to do is jump up and run to alter with Noah to do it all over again! The feeling you get standing across from your future spouse in front of everyone who loves you can not be described. I pray that God bless Janna and JP as they embark on the journey ahead of them!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My Ten Commandments

These are ten rules of thumb that I want to live by during my lifetime:
1. Thou shall not lie
2. Thou shall put others before themselves
3. Thou shall watch at least one musical in their lifetime (movie or theater)
4. Thou shall tell thy spouse "I love you" every night, even if you are upset
5. Thou shall not hold regrets, life is too short to stay angry
6. Thou shall go to Disney World at leat once in their lifetime (I have yet to do so)
7. Thou shall make light of everyday mishaps (I have to work on that one)
8. Thou shall be happy for other's who are fortuate and pray for those are not
9. Thou shall have at least one conversation with a homeless person, even if you just say "Hello"
10. Thou shall show the love of the Lord not only in with their words but with their actions

Friday, July 11, 2008

T is for...

TEETH! Wyatt has cut his first tooth. It happened about two weeks ago on his bottom left, and now the bottom right is about to cut through too! Because of his teeth he can now hold on to his pacifier a lot better because he chews on it. He also has bit me in trying to make his gums feel better. He is growing up and is now four months old. He has gone for his first swim at grandma Cindy's house. I can't wait until we go visit Josh and Adrian in Ohio. They have an in ground pool that I will be lounging in 24/7. We are still working on getting a home phone as well as the Internet but who knows when that will happen!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Working Gal

Now that I have begun babysitting I finally feel like I am pulling some of my weight in the house. Noah works over 50 hours a week and now I have picked up two sitting jobs. I watch a little 19 month old girl named Breana. She comes over 2 or 3 times a week and so far things are working out great. She listens, goes down for her naps and I have only had to give here three time outs! My goal is to help potty train her so I bought a little potty for her as well as a car seat for when we go out. I figured I can just use them for when Wyatt gets older. The other days off from Breana I am going out to Rockford to watch 2 girls that I watched last summer. With all the school debts I have gained in the past 5 years, the least I can do is help Noah pay them off! (We still have no internet at the house so it is a real treat for me to get on a computer. )