Monday, May 26, 2008

New Diet

Well I will admit losing weight after a baby is no walk in the park. Yo-yo dieting seems to be my problem. So, for once I am putting my foot down and I am determined to lose weight. I started this diet that has me eating healthier than I have ever eaten before! I am already having withdrawals from the lack of sugar in my diet but I know that it will all be worth it when I start dropping pounds. It has been 5 days since my diet and I am down 3lbs. I walk with Wyatt every day and I plan on starting my Pilate's again. Let's hope this all works because I refuse to walk through life as a fat person.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Weddings and Baby Showers...

Two weddings, one wedding shower, one baby shower and one baby. All of these are events are sure signs of growing up. My cousin and friend from college are marrying the love of their life and my roommate from school is having her first baby this September. I am only 22 years old and yet I and those around me have accomplished so much. To top it all off my once little cousin Ari is graduating 8Th grade! Man does that make me feel old. I can still remember like yesterday when Aunt Danielle told us she was pregnant. A couple weeks ago I was expressing to Noah that I can't wait to be like grandma and grandpa Mangialardi. I say this because I watch them sit at family gatherings and I wonder if they are thinking "we created all of this". So I told Noah that I can't wait until we have our own "empire". I am not sure why I chose that word but I can just picture us old at Christmas watching our kids and grand kids opening up gifts and I will think we have created our own mini empire. But until then I will just try to get through these joyous occasions this summer and I will cap it all off with a road trip with my family and Joey's to Ohio.

Monday, May 19, 2008

How Embarrassing...

A couple of days ago I stumbled across my jewelry box. Originally I was looking for an earring when I spotted my wedding rings. I haven't been able to wear them since I was about 5 months prego (I envy the pregos who never get swollen fingers!). Me being the stubborn dago that I am, I shoved my chubby fingers into my rings. Bad first my finger was fine but when I looked down a second later it was the color of Barney! I rushed over to the sink and ran my hand under cold water, I tried cooking oil, baby oil and Vaseline...nothing was working. Running out of options I put Wyatt in the stroller and walked to the library. I looked up the number to the fire dept which is only a block away from the library. I asked if they had some tool to get a ring off of a finger. Luckily they did. So I rushed over there and three firemen worked on my pathetic finger while I sulked with embarrassment. Needless to say each of my rings now have a chunk missing that now need to be sodded together. This is definitely a story to tell the kids!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The New Chapter

So far Noah, Wyatt and I are officially all moved in and unpacked. It feels wonderful knowing that we will be staying here for awhile. Just the thought of moving again gives me the jitters. Noah and I are really missing being a married couple. Since Wyatt is such hard work I have noticed we have been on each other's nerves! I don't mean to snap at him but sometimes I question his logic. We are in dire need of a date night. We haven't had once since the second week Wyatt was born. Wyatt has begun his new schedule which involves him crying because I put him down for a nap alone when usually I rock him to sleep. It has been a rough few days but I have already noticed some improvement. He is learning to put himself to sleep instead of being nursed or cuddled. I will admit is is really hard to just let him cry. I have to turn the music or TV up just so I don't feel bad. When he finally does cry himself to sleep, I am beyond happy that he is capable of doing it. This new routine is called Baby Wise. You feed your baby, keep them awake and then put them down for a nap so they know that eating does not mean you go to bed. The only exception to the wake time is at night when you feed, change the diaper and put them back to bed. We are starting this routine late because at Judson I couldn't get him in a set schedule. Keep us in your prayers as we endure many sleepless and full of crying nights!

Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm Free!!!

Today was my very last final for the rest of my life. Tomorrow I will walk across the stage only to be handed a piece of paper I worked 5 long hard years to get. As I looked back at those five years, never did I think in one year I would plan a wedding, get married, have a baby and graduate college. There were so many nights, the one's I was up with Wyatt, that I thought about just throwing in the towel on school. I was always tired and always having to do homework and most of all I was neglecting my marriage. Noah and I can't wait to start the new chapter of our lives in Marengo and for the first time since Wyatt has been born, I can breathe.