Sunday, October 11, 2009

There's a Place for Us

During this time of year I am reminded of my mom. Her birthday was October 23rd. However, Novemeber 11th 1989 she died at the age of 29. She lost her battle with breast cancer and left behind a husband and four children under the age of 10. I have few memories of my mom but what I lack in memories I make up for with love. It's strange that I can love someone I barely knew and yet I feel as if during those 2 years she was alive she gave me enough love to last a lifetime. Today, my mom is with the Lord and even though I know I will see her when I get to heaven, she wont remember all the time we spent apart or tell me if I made her proud. There are no tears in heaven, no sadness, sickness or time to remember the past. Instead of spending my childhood with my mother, I get to spend eternity with her. Shayna and I have now have matching tattoos in honor of our mom. We love her, we miss her and most of all we pray for a cure for Breast Cancer!!