Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Immunization Craze

While talking to "Jane" (not going to mention a name) today we got on the topic of immunization and where schools should have to draw the line. I believe in getting them because I would rather be safe than sorry. While "Jane" on the other hand has researched them and found they may cause Autism. I am not sure if that has been proven a fact but she is certain that they will have some effect on her kid. She is entering him into a public school which requires immunization or a note stating your reasons otherwise. I tried telling her that the schools are simply trying to protect themselves and the students attending the school. She replied "Well then my kid can't go to the school because we don't believe in that?". If I were the school, I would say no! There is no telling where the child has been or what he/she has been in contact with. This whole church vs. state stuff is all very touchy. Just like standing for the Pledge of Allegiance even though it says "one nation under GOD". You can't make anyone do it, but there are some things that I believe are more necessary for the good of the whole not just a part of it.