Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cara "Mangialardi" Morgan

I had some extra time this morning so I thought that I would google my name. It turns out that there are hundreds of "Cara Morgans", one is a family doctor and another is all the way in Ireland! I remember conducting the same search back when I was a Mangialardi, I didn't get as many hits. Shedding my old last name has its ups and downs. I almost miss people knowing that I was Italian just by my last name. I don't miss people struggling to pronounce it, that is what my first name is for! Being proud to be Italian was ingrained with in us ever since we could eat our first helping of Grandma Bea's pasta and although I would never keep my last name, in respect to my husband, I really do miss my eleven-lettered, long-winded, proud-to-be-Italian-last name.

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Bethany Patrice said...

at least you don't have to teach Wyatt how to spell "mangialardi".