Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our New Little Addition...

Noah and I are officially parents to a little kitten name Phoenix. We picked him up last night from my sister-in-laws house. Shayna has Phoenix's brother, she named him Nyo. We thought he was a girl until we took a closer look to find out that he was indeed a he. She didn't care but now at least our kittens can see each other once in awhile. Wyatt couldn't be happier that we have a pet. He pats the kitten's head and tugs on his ears. This morning Phoenix was playing with Wyatt's toes, he was laughing so hard because I am sure it tickled. Phoenix is not the only one who likes feet. Wyatt has managed to pull his chubby feet to his mouth and bite on his toes. He also is miserable from his teeth trying to come in. As much as I just want his teeth to break through, I can't help but think he is growing up too fast!! I have a feeling the process only gets faster the older I get.

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