Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Started with out me

School has officially started up at Judson and for some odd reason my heart feels like I should be there. For years it was the same old thing, fall comes, I meet up with roommates and we decorate our dorm room. Classes start the next day and homework piles up from that point on. Closing that chapter in my life leaves me with a gap that now has been filled with full time motherhood and housewife duties. A sick part of me misses my "old" life with school and friends and then the sane part of me remembers what it felt like pulling an all-nighter to turn in an essay due at 8am. Now there are new stresses in my life that don't really have certain "due dates" but they are just was important.

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sharonie said...

I totally know what you realtion to teacing for me not college's an adjustment for sure....but good thing you have somehthing far more valuable you are investing in...your precious Wyatt