Monday, July 21, 2008

My Ten Commandments

These are ten rules of thumb that I want to live by during my lifetime:
1. Thou shall not lie
2. Thou shall put others before themselves
3. Thou shall watch at least one musical in their lifetime (movie or theater)
4. Thou shall tell thy spouse "I love you" every night, even if you are upset
5. Thou shall not hold regrets, life is too short to stay angry
6. Thou shall go to Disney World at leat once in their lifetime (I have yet to do so)
7. Thou shall make light of everyday mishaps (I have to work on that one)
8. Thou shall be happy for other's who are fortuate and pray for those are not
9. Thou shall have at least one conversation with a homeless person, even if you just say "Hello"
10. Thou shall show the love of the Lord not only in with their words but with their actions

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