Monday, May 26, 2008

New Diet

Well I will admit losing weight after a baby is no walk in the park. Yo-yo dieting seems to be my problem. So, for once I am putting my foot down and I am determined to lose weight. I started this diet that has me eating healthier than I have ever eaten before! I am already having withdrawals from the lack of sugar in my diet but I know that it will all be worth it when I start dropping pounds. It has been 5 days since my diet and I am down 3lbs. I walk with Wyatt every day and I plan on starting my Pilate's again. Let's hope this all works because I refuse to walk through life as a fat person.


sharonie said...

your post made me laugh! I will say that this is so hard loosing the baby weight. I was so used to eating pretty much whatever I wanted during my pregnancy and now I have to go back to eating healthier. Way to go on the 3 pounds! That in itself is motivation! I have a chunk of weight to loose still, but when I see the scale go helps me all the more to keep going. We will have to celebrate together when we loose our baby weight...we will have to go to a nice dinner with fatty and sugary food...sound goond?

Cara said...

Yes that sounds wonderful! I am down to 6lbs now!

Bethany Patrice said... looked so cute in your dress on Sunday!

Can you please email your address. I am sending out Janna's personal shower invitations.