Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The New Chapter

So far Noah, Wyatt and I are officially all moved in and unpacked. It feels wonderful knowing that we will be staying here for awhile. Just the thought of moving again gives me the jitters. Noah and I are really missing being a married couple. Since Wyatt is such hard work I have noticed we have been on each other's nerves! I don't mean to snap at him but sometimes I question his logic. We are in dire need of a date night. We haven't had once since the second week Wyatt was born. Wyatt has begun his new schedule which involves him crying because I put him down for a nap alone when usually I rock him to sleep. It has been a rough few days but I have already noticed some improvement. He is learning to put himself to sleep instead of being nursed or cuddled. I will admit is is really hard to just let him cry. I have to turn the music or TV up just so I don't feel bad. When he finally does cry himself to sleep, I am beyond happy that he is capable of doing it. This new routine is called Baby Wise. You feed your baby, keep them awake and then put them down for a nap so they know that eating does not mean you go to bed. The only exception to the wake time is at night when you feed, change the diaper and put them back to bed. We are starting this routine late because at Judson I couldn't get him in a set schedule. Keep us in your prayers as we endure many sleepless and full of crying nights!

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Bethany Patrice said...

Cara, you will be so glad you taught Wyatt to sleep on his own. I can't remember the name of the method we used, but I remember that it was all about routine. Before putting the baby to sleep, we'd turn off the lights, turn on the sound machine, draw the curtains, give him his stuffed animal...all of those were signals to him that sleep was expected. Soon, whenever we'd put Parker in bed with George, he'd know an put his little head down. The other thing with the crying is that we'd let him cry for five minutes...then try for one minute to sooth him. Then we'd let him cry for ten minutes...then we'd try to soothe him. Then we'd let him cry for 20 minutes...and by then, he'd be alseep. The point was to slowly increase the interval between parental intervention.

Anyways, we don't get out much for date nights with two kids, so we make our own date nights. We do Netflix, and get two movies a month. We put the kids to bed and transform our living room into a theater. Those are our dates!

Hope you are doing well and we are looking forward to seeing you at Janna's shower!