Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time Marches On

Wyatt will never cease to amaze with me with all the things he can do now. I went into his room this morning to find him sitting up in his crib. My face lit up in excitement because with every new milestone he meets I am reassured that he is a healthy child. Even though I try not to pay attention or compare him to other children, I can't help but wonder when he will crawl, walk and talk! He can pick up Cheerios and feed them to himself, he knows how to reach out his arms when he wants to be picked up and is now almost too big for his walker. He scares me because he will drop a toy on the ground and lean over the walker tray to see it, when he does this it looks like he is going to just tip the whole thing over! On Sunday Wyatt saw snow for the first time. We were at my in-law's house and looking out the window it was like a blizzard. Huge, puffy snowflakes whirled around and Wyatt was lol'ing at them. When it was time to leave he was trying to grab the snowflakes but didn't have any luck do to his hands being confined by his mittens.

In other news I thought I would start early with Christmas cards this year, ok the truth is I am like a kid and just can't wait! So be looking in your mailbox for a card from the MORGAN'S.

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