Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ten Percent

There is a little something that every church preaches on right before they go into a sermon. This little thing is too often neglected and not taken as seriously as it should be. When Noah and I began dating, he invited me to church and I always saw him writing out his weekly tithe check and that is when I knew I should be giving a portion of my earnings back to God. After all everything I have is on account of him so the least I can do it give him
10%. Recently Noah and I have had some money struggles. My loans just kicked in and we were in need of some divine intervention. We had been consistent with prayer and tithe and were counting on the Lord to see us through our hard times. Sure enough, he did! Just when you think the impossible isn't possible, God sends blessings your way. I want to write a book called "If you are consistent, God is also". Yes, Tithe and prayer really do work!! God will always have your back and we are living, breathing proof of His great works.

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Bethany Patrice said...

Cara preach it!! When Parker was first born I would literally cry every time I had to go buy diapers and formula because our funds were so tight. But, we tithed. It was really just us giving back to God what is his anyway. It was hard to give write out that tithe check, but by the end of the year we were blessed and were given a check by generous donors that was MORE than what we had tithed all year! God is good and he will bless your faithfulness. I love how God trusts us with greater things when we are faithful in the small things. I pray that God blesses your obedience and sacrifice!