Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Oh my word, the bigger Wyatt gets the smaller my house seems to be. Now that he is crawling all over, he barely has enough room to turn around with out bumping his head into the furniture. I have taken the coffee table out of my living room, hoping to give him some more room. Now I have a coffee table in my bedroom that I bump my shins into on a daily basis. If you can't sense my frustration by now let me go on. Every closet in my house is stacked to the ceiling with stuff and when I want to get one thing out everything topples on me! We had to put the computer in my bedroom to make room for the Christmas tree, as you can see our room is like a mini-self storage unit. Needless to say I find my blood boiling just looking around and my small place. I need a house, not just any house either. I have narrowed down a few "must haves". 3+ bedrooms, 2+ baths, a garage and a basement. I know we are a young couple to actually own a house and we are about a year away from buying one,but seriously I can't take this anymore!


sharonie said...

oh I so know wht you mean! I can't bare to put anything else in my home....we even said no more toys for Blake because we have no room for them! I wish the market was better for selling homes! And Blake will never know that we were cramped in our house....and wyatt won't either

Cara said...

They wont know but we will! lol I am glad I didn't get Blake toys for christmas! ;)

Bethany Patrice said...

I have felt this same feeling before. I promised myself that my house would not be filled to the brim the stuff, but it really takes over. Our crawl space is filled, our garage is filled, and I even thought about getting shed...but the more space I have the more stuff I seem to gather.

Just think of your home as cozy, instead of cluttered. :)