Saturday, April 9, 2011

My sweet little boy

Most of the time I am complaining about how CRAZY Wyatt is, but there are many times where he melts my heart. Yesterday I called him over to me so we could pray for my Uncle Vern to get better. I started to pray and with in seconds had tears streaming down my face. Wyatt looked at me and said "no crying mama". I wiped my tears, then he wiped my tears and I finished my prayer.
When I was putting him to bed later that night, I asked him if he remembered who we needed to pray for. I said "Uncle...." and he replied "VERN, but don't cry mama!!!"
How cute is he!?! He doesn't like to see me cry. And I don't blame him. I am sure it's a little scary and confusing to see his mom, who is usually the strong one, to be crying. He continued his prayer with "dear Jesus, pray Uncle Vern, Amen".
I love my son and I am so proud that even at 3 years old he loves Jesus and know we can pray to him about EVERYTHING!

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hnicholson0708 said...

Awww how sweet ! That lil boy is deff a blessing =)