Monday, April 4, 2011

2 more weeks!!!!!

Being pregnant for 9 months is like waiting for the best Christmas present ever! I know what the present is, but the anticipation is killing me! Dreaming of what her little face will look like, or how labor will go are just a few things keeping me awake at night. 2 weeks may not seem like a lot of time, but time couldn't be going any slower! Noah and Wyatt are just getting over being sick, so for the next few days extensive cleaning and airing out the house will be taking place. I wish I had a maid that could do all these chores for me!
Wyatt has been quite a handful lately, he is being more defiant and independent. We hear "my do it" about 50 times in one day! I am so proud of him though. Whenever he talks about Scarlett it is all good things, about how he will help. When people come over, he wants to show them Scarlett's nursery and explain what each thing is. I think he will be a great big brother. If anything, he will want to help TOO much.
This week we are going to try to squeeze in a date night, as well as catch up with a few friends before Scarlett gets here. Life as we know it will change drastically with 2 kids, so my goal is to try to enjoy this down time while I can. I stopped working last week so I am not sure what to do with all this free time! I am sure I will manage! This means I get to cook a meal every night and do some baking with Wyatt!
Lord help me get through these next 2 weeks, most of all, HELP ME SLEEP AT NIGHT!!!!


tanuz said...

I almost cried! I'm so excited for you, and proud of you. I love how happy you are being a mama. I cannot WAIT to see Scarlett's precious little face!!!!

Ninja's Mom said...

Haha, just realized I wasn't logged into my blogger acct. But then again, how many "TANUZ's" could you possibly know?