Thursday, April 28, 2011

In a blink of an Eye...

I know a lot of people are probably wondering what has been going on this past week, so I thought I would write it all down for those interested.
It all started when got an epidural when I was 9 centimeters dilated, they wouldn't let me push and I was in so much pain I couldn't take it anymore. I had a reaction to the test dose which made my blood pressure drop as well as Scarlett's heart rate. With in a few minutes and about 4 pushes she was born. My placenta wasn't releasing so the Dr. had to go in and manually deliver that, it was extremely painful and took about 45 minutes. Because of the epidural reaction I suffered from an horrible headache. There was some relief when laying down, but they released me from the hospital with some meds. After a few days of absolutely no relief from the headache I had my mother-in-law take me to the ER. I was there for 6 hours and was administered a blood patch. Basically they drew blood from my arm and injected it into my back with the idea that it would help replace some blood lost during the epidural. I thought the blood patch worked but I think the morphine I was given at the ER helped my head. So Easter came and went and I was unable to attend. My head was hurting too much. The next day (Monday) was my first day alone with both kids. I was already nervous about that, but I knew my niece was only a phone call away if I needed her.
While changing Scarlett's diaper I noticed my right hand starting to cramp up and twitch. It happened a few more times with in the hour and each episode lasted longer and longer. I called my mother-in-law and asked her if that was normal, she didn't seem to be too concerned. Nor did Noah. We thought it could have been from over exhaustion or lack of sleep. My niece came over and I called to make an appointment with the Dr. I jumped on the shower and my hand continued to cramp up. I got out of the shower and started to open up a band aid. All of the sudden I lost complete control of my right hand and then my arm. I screamed because it felt like some one ripped my arm off but I was still looking at it attached. I screamed again and hit the ground, my eyes went dark and the last thing I remember was trying to call for help. I awoke to see a cop and my niece standing over me in my bedroom. Later I learned that Anna, my niece, heard my screams and came in my room to find me convulsing on the floor for about 5 minutes. She covered me up with a sheet and called 911. When I came to, I was asked a bunch of questions and finally was rushed to the hospital in the ambulance. The Dr's were perplexed about what happened. When they told me I had a seizure, I busted into tears. They sent an order for an MRI and two ladies came in to take me. As they were getting me ready to take me for the MRI, my hand began to cramp up again...I demanded something to make it stop. I refused to move another muscle until I knew I would NOT have another seizure. The meds kicked in and luckily that was the last time my hand had a tremor. That whole day I spent in the hospital was a blur, I couldn't remember who was all there to see me, or what all was done. All I knew was that I wasn't with my family and it was killing me! The next morning I had an EEG, which is test that measures your brain waves. It looks for other seizures or disorders like epilepsy. I have an appointment on Tuesday to go over those results. I am praying that my seizure was a result of my epidural/blood patch and was an isolated event. As of now I have a 6 month driving restriction and have to take an anti seizure pill every 8 hours. I have been an emotional wreck these past couple of days just thinking about all what happened and what if it happens again. The support I have received during this time has been amazing. Family and friends have really stepped up with prayers and favors that words can't even begin to describe my gratefulness. Please continue to pray for me and my health as well as a positive diagnosis on Tuesday. Thanks again to all of you and most of all to my niece Anna, if she wasn't here I don't even know what I would have done. I am slowly getting back to normal and just trying to take one day at a time. I will keep you all updated with any results I get!

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