Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring is here!...I hope

It may not look like it outside but I feel the spring slowly taking over. Spring is not my favorite season but I do love what it means to me. Rebirth, starting over and second chances. We planted some Tulips last fall and they have started to poke through the ground and my favorite part is I can almost not wear my winter coat everywhere I go! I have a lot of things going on with buying a house and looking for a new job but I feel like what better time for new things than the Spring? I am even hoping that Wyatt will finally walk!!! (I don't know what his deal is) So spring stick around this time and shut down the winter season...PLEASE!

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Bethany Patrice said...

Cara..where are the pics of the house? I can't wait to see it. I am so hesitant to put all of the boys' winter clothes away because I know the second I do, a snow storm will hit.