Monday, April 20, 2009

The Claddagh

We all heard of my little fiasco with my wedding rings...if you don't know this story I will just fill you in quickly. I put on my wedding rings too soon and I couldn't get them off. I tried EVERYTHING, my last hope was the Marengo Fire Department. They had to cut off my rings and I still haven't gotten them fixed. Needless to say, we went on a mini vacation to the Dells this past weekend, while we were there we stopped at one of our usual stores, The Indian Trading Post. I fell in love with a ring I have always wanted, an Irish Claddagh ring. I made puppy dog eyes at Noah, and the next thing you know we were walking out of the store and I my ring finger finally looked complete. The key to the Claddagh is which way the heart is facing. Wear the ring with the heart facing out, means your heart is open, where the ring facing in (towards your heart) means your heart is taken. This is the second best thing to my actual wedding ring.


sharonie said...

so glad you got a ring back...and that Noah was so sweet to buy that for you! Hope you enjoyed your vaca!!!

mrs. tanuz said...

That's awesome, Cara. I love those rings. And that is totally perfect for you! Noah is so sweet. You gotta let me know what you get for Mother's Day!