Sunday, March 22, 2009

House Hunters

Noah and I love the show on HGTV House Hunters. Surprisingly enough, we are now the house hunters!!! This does not mean we will buy one, rather we are looking to see what is out there and what we can afford. I must admit I thought I would walk into a house and it would be like my wedding dress, a PERFECT fit. But it is not like that at all. There are things we love about each house and I wish we could shove them all in one. Needless to say we do have a couple houses that will remain on our "list" while we continue our search. This is big news for us and I can't to say that I am a home owner!!!


sharonie said...

we love that show. we talk about what we like, don't like, it's a great show to get conversation started about what you want adn NEED in a house!

Cara said...

We need 3 bedrooms and at least one bathroom. A basement and a garage. We would like to have a house that doesn't need much updating. We aren't trying to be too picky lol