Monday, March 30, 2009

Cancer Sucks

When I was cleaning at grandma's house this weekend I was not prepared to see grandpa. In my mind he looks a certain way but when I saw him on Saturday I just wanted to burst into tears. I am not sure if it's because he looked so different or because it finally dawned on me that he is sick. He was walking around with his walker and acting totally normal by making jokes about what a nice country we live in. It was just his appearance that threw me off. As the day progressed I got used to seeing the "new" grandpa but I still can't help being angry about cancer! The sooner we find a cure the better and until then all I can do his have faith in God and in the doctors who are trying to make grandpa better.

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Bethany Patrice said...

Cara, I am going there tonight. I was supposed to go yesterday but Kent and Parker started coughing and I didn't want to bring them around Grandpa. I am trying to mentally prepare myself for this evening. I just can't get used to him not saying "Nice Country" or "Madone!"