Saturday, January 10, 2009

How can this be? I'm only 23!

Well there are three less gray hairs on my head today.
I looked in the mirror this morning, just doing the usual morning ponytail, when the light hit a few hairs on my head. I gasped in horror and was almost blinded but the two gray hairs staring at me. They were so noticeable due to the hue of my natural color that I immediately wondered how many people saw them. Needless to say I grabbed my tweezers and pluck those babies faster than they could ever grow in. I know the saying is that when you pluck one, two grow back....well I am all about instant gratification and those hairs could no longer reside with my natural brown locks. I ended up finding one more on the crown of my head. I hope this was a fluke...ok I am in denial. Looks like I need to start stocking up on some hair dye

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Bethany Patrice said...'ve inherited the mangialardi gene! Just join the club and start dying your hair. I haven't found one yet, but when I do, I know who to blame...Grandma Bea!