Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Day the Music Died

When I got married and had a child, I had to let go of a past I had learned to love. Along with the things I had to give up was music. I love to sing, I think about it constantly and I know God gave me a voice for a reason. I just haven't quite figured that out yet. Singing at church on Sunday mornings is when I can really let loose and pour my heart out in song. I miss it. I miss being in choir and performing on stage (with a group of course we all know I am too chicken to go solo). I miss the voice I had when I trained everyday, now I can barely squeak out a high note with out my voice cracking. I sing to Wyatt all the time, but I want more (Little Mermaid)! I pray that God gives me some insight as to how I can use this spiritual gift soon before my voice withers away.

1 comment:

sharonie said...

wyatt I am sure loves your voice! blake would sure like someone who has a good voice to sing him to sleep at night!