Friday, September 26, 2008

Warning: touchy subject, if you are offended easily do not read on!

In light of all the presidential debates and the entire election for that matter, I have to wonder if most Christians are Republicans. Most of the Christians I know happen to be Republican. At first I wanted to remain a Republican because my parents were, then I learned a lot about what each party stands for and I continued to stay with my party. Not that Christians can't be Democrats but I just don't see how agreeing with some of their platforms is "Christian". Things like gay marriage and abortion should be a no-brainer as to which stance is a Christian one. I just happened to noticed what type of people are liberal/democrats compared to republicans. The difference between the two groups are completely obvious which leads me back to are most Christians Republican? Can you be part of one side even if you don't agree with some of their beliefs?


Bethany Patrice said...

here is the dealio...I happen to know some Christians who are affiliated with the Democratic party. They are not in support of abortion, but they believe people should have the right to chose what they want to do. They do not think that gay marriage is moral, but they think that people should have a right to chose who they want to marry. They think that we as Christians are given the liberty to chose our path, and that others should be able to chose theirs as well. They would same that they same freedom that gives Christians the right to worship is the same freedom that people have to chose their mate and stance on abortion. Although they do not support inmorality, but they do have a high view of individual freedom.

They would say that if we are going to begin regulating people's choices, that we had better be ready for our choice of where we go to church and what faith we affiliate ourselves with to be jeopordized.

I have derived this from only a brief and an surfacey discussion with Christian democrats, so I am not the authority here.

I am a republican, but I'm starting to wonder if any candidate or party is pure in motive and has the countries best interest in mind instead of their own.

Cara said...

Well I have to agree with your last statement. As much as I would like to think that both canidates are trustworthy, at this point I think they would say and do whatever it takes to get into the whitehouse! However, I do love Sarah Palin and I think that she is the most genuine of them all.