Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'd rather eat cardboard!

So I have given whole wheat foods a chance and I am still sticking to my guns when I say, "I'd rather eat cardboard". There is something about the grains that I don't like! However, I do like the whole wheat pop tarts and the rotini pasta isn't that bad either. I am trying to do the healthy thing but why do all the good foods have to taste so bad? I want to put the cookbook deceptively delicious on my Christmas list so I can trick myself into eating better. I swear my appetite is like a toddler's. I put the blame on my parents, they never made me eat new foods or foods they didn't like. I have promised myself to do better with my kids because believe it or not, I hate being a finicky eater. So far Wyatt likes all the baby food he has tried, lets hope he stays that way!


Bethany Patrice said...

Don't let Sharon brainwash you! Whole wheat stuff is NASTY!

sharonie said...

I cooked two things from that cookbook and they were yummy! Jason didn't know that there was baby sweet potatoe in his muffin!

And try fiber one brand of bars...yummy! you can go on line and get a free sample of their bars adn cereal...

Keep going..your doing great, and what an example you will be to wyatt too!