Wednesday, September 24, 2008

R & R

My mini vaca to the Dells was too perfect and went by too fast. The water park was a blast and Wyatt couldn't be happier splashing around in the water and watching the kids get dumped with water. Noah and I went go-karting and then on a lost canyon tour, which we were seated on separately grrr, and then out to a really nice dinner. It is pretty sad that I missed Wyatt the entire time. He is my life and while I want time alone with Noah I can't help but wonder how Wyatt is doing and if he is behaving. I think by next year I will be ready to leave Wyatt overnight with some one, until then Noah and I will just have date nights. It isn't that I don't trust the people watching him, but i know he needs to stick to a schedule and when he doesn't he turns into mommy's little monster.

Our first year of marriage was remarkably full and entirely blessed. There were times when we had to completely rely on the Lord to supply for our family and again and again He pulled through. It is our strength in the Lord that keeps us going. I am beyond thankful to have the spiritual leader in Noah that I prayed for. We learned a lot with in this past year and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life learning and growing old with my hunk of a husband!

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sharonie said...

i am so glad that you enjoyed your trip. how was the food? was it hard to do well on vaca? I am sure you did way better than me!