Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Psychology...real or sinful nature

While feeding Wyatt at 3:30 am I came across a pastor preaching of Jesus and how he became of flesh and paid the price for our sin in the flesh. He then went on to say that if people would just accept this concept, that our sins are of the flesh and already paid for, then there would be no mental illness such as depression or OCD. After listening to his shbeil for 5 minutes I couldn't take it anymore. Being the psychology major that I am or was, I came to the conclusion that our bodies were flawed by the fall. After Adam and Eve were booted from paradise life as they knew it would be a struggle. The same goes for today. Our bodies and minds are allowed to be flawed. Obesity, poor eye sight, addictions, cancer... they are all part of our lives because humanity was corrupted by the fall. So when Joseph Price was preaching his "there should be no depression" sermon, I was furious thinking of all the people who truly are mentally ill or struggle with addictions. This all brought me back to the unforgettable days in the "C"-word that prayer is the answer to EVERYTHING. After all, it is because we didn't pray hard enough that my mother died, or so she said. All I can do is pray that Pastor Joe broadens his horizons and preaches of a world that is now corrupted and how to stay pure.


sharonie said...

too funny! When I would feed blake in the middle of the night, I would see wierd preching stuff too. This one guy said that you can by a prophesy from him. If you called in he could give you a prophesy...wierd? YES!

Anyways...I almost called you today to chit chat, but I don't have your number. It's not in my new phone...facebook me your phone number...tell wyatt hello for me and tell him that he is cute as every!

Bethany Patrice said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I do believe that regardless of how "spiritual" you are, you can still be affected by emotional and psychological issues.

Once when I was up with Parker as a baby I saw a man selling "holy" water. If you drank this special water, you're life would be blessed. :)

Bethany Patrice said...

cara, I need you actual email address. Anyway, how did Wyatt and Noah do on Friday night? Or did Auntie Danielle have him? Did he miss his momma?

I just wanted to see if you and Noah and given any more thought to making the trek out here on the fourth. Let me know either way...we'd love to have you though. It's just going to be me, grandma, rosie, janna and that's all (well, and our men of course.) I haven't heard from Michelle yet, so I'll call her today.