Sunday, October 11, 2009

There's a Place for Us

During this time of year I am reminded of my mom. Her birthday was October 23rd. However, Novemeber 11th 1989 she died at the age of 29. She lost her battle with breast cancer and left behind a husband and four children under the age of 10. I have few memories of my mom but what I lack in memories I make up for with love. It's strange that I can love someone I barely knew and yet I feel as if during those 2 years she was alive she gave me enough love to last a lifetime. Today, my mom is with the Lord and even though I know I will see her when I get to heaven, she wont remember all the time we spent apart or tell me if I made her proud. There are no tears in heaven, no sadness, sickness or time to remember the past. Instead of spending my childhood with my mother, I get to spend eternity with her. Shayna and I have now have matching tattoos in honor of our mom. We love her, we miss her and most of all we pray for a cure for Breast Cancer!!


Bethany Patrice said...

I love the tattoo and I think it is a beautiful memory! I have a few memories of your mom..One time I me and Joey and Joshy and Sharon were playing on the front steps of Grandma Bea's house and she was Mother in Mother May I. Poor Auntie Lisa got stuck watching the four of us!

Cara said...

Aw thanks for sharing that memory Bethany!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cara, I was so touched by many of your thoughts and just want you to know how much you are like your mom. She is seriously someone who, although she is not here in the flesh, I feel her spirit of love and laughter is very much alive. I have never known anyone else like her. She was so much fun to be with and her energy was contageous! Everone who was close to her soaked it up. My heart will always hurt for your dad and you four precious children. I never saw a more devoted wife. She made me want to be a better person. I think of her so often, and miss her. I'm sure she is very proud of you, joey, josh, and shayna. Take care of yourself and God bless you and your family. Love, maria