Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Mustard Seed

A few years back while I was still working retail, I befriended this single Christian mom. She was the sweetest thing and for Christmas she bought me a necklace with a heart pendant, and inside the clear heart was a mustard seed. It was a nice gesture, the necklace wasn't my "style" so I hung it up on my rear view mirror as a constant reminder of God's faithfulness. At that point in my life I needed little faith because things seemed to be going my way. But occasionally I would glance at that mustard seed and think about how much God could do. Now as I await the next date for Wyatt's surgery I am turning to the mustard seed for answers. I know God's power is endless, but could he "heal" my son so he wouldn't need another surgery? I was kind of embarrassed to even mention the thought to anyone, but why should I be? God has brought people back from the dead, made the blind see and the deaf hear. So is it so far-fetched that Wyatt's "problem" could be fixed supernaturally? When are things too big for God? When it involves moving skin or mending broken bones??? God heals in many ways, sometimes he does it himself, or he can use Doctors and medicine. So my question is, can faith as small as a mustard seed move mountains??

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Janna Banana said...

that is so powerful. The mountains I've seen God move aren't literal, but rather obstacles in the path of things I desire or need. He has opened doors or thrown hurdles out of the way. praying for wyatt!