Saturday, November 8, 2008

Don't Be Ashamed to Vaccinate!

Here is an interesting story found in the Rockford newspaper. It only supports my belief of getting your children vaccinated.

"There are 28 cases of whooping cough that were found in a private school in Rockford as well as 1o other cases spread around the community. The school outbreak, which officials believe is contained, started with a patient who had NOT been vaccinated for pertussis (whooping cough). Officials also think that the person was exposed to the disease while traveling outside of the state....four families in the school had opted out of immunizations for their children. 10 of the 28 cases are with in those families and the other 18 cases are related through some sort of contact."

Now I am very much aware of all the "negative" research done on immunizations. They have now found that signs of Autism (which people were blaming on the vaccinations) started earlier on and just so happened to show up after the child was immunized. This case of the whooping cough is minor, however, it could be something far more fatal in the future. Please, think of your children and give them the proper health attention they deserve. Because even though they might not be the ones traveling out of state or country, they could be contracting it from others who are also not vaccinated.


mrs. tanuz said...

THANK YOU! I knew that I made the right decision. It's just there were a lot of people I knew that were so against it...

Bethany Patrice said...

I never even heard of this vaccination and now I am paranoid because Parker and Kent both have coughs. I don't even think my Dr. has told me about this.