Friday, November 14, 2008

23 and counting

I have some serious issues with growing older. I think I have a "Peter Pan" complex or something. Even though I am very much an adult, I still don't feel that way at heart. I certainly started things early in life and I am starting to wonder if that is why I feel so "old". 23 is young to be a college graduate, wife and now mother. Even though I may look younger than I am, I definitely act older than I am. I can't wait to have a good Birthday-Weekend with my family because they are all I could ever want for a gift.


sharonie said...

Happy Birthday..hopefully it was a fun, enjoyable, family bonding weekend!

mrs. tanuz said...

if you're old...what am i? what is jennifer? lol. you are so cute with your "old" complex. i think you just don't want life to go by so fast bc you have so many things that you love! :)